Facial Treatment

There is no single person in this world who will say no to beautiful, young looking and glowing skin, everybody wants that youthful look. It makes you feel fresh, happy and confident. A Facial treatment is the best way to get this kind of skin. Facial treatment or facial, is simply a skin treatment procedure of different forms. It mainly includes extraction, peels, face massaging, steam and facial masks. We also offer a body treatment which is the same concept but head to toe.   

Facials have various categories
Mini-facial, LED therapy and European facial are some of the main examples. Usually facials are used as a beautifying treatment. For most people facials and make up is a very common practice before going for any kind of event. But, some people also use facial treatment and body treatment for certain skin conditions. These different treatments allow them to treat their skin so that they don’t have any rash, acne or pimples of any kind on their skin. 

What is a facial mask?
The most important process of facial treatment is a facial mask. Different masks have different purposes. It can be for the skin tone’s gradual brightening or illumination or for healing acne etc. These processes are performed by our professionals using aloe vera or sometimes even mango.

 More about the new range from PAYOT.
Techni Liss Booster formula features an innovative combination of hyaluronic acid to act on your skin.
  • This strengthens and boosts the hyaluronic acid which is already present in your skin
  • prevents hyaluronic acid from breaking down.
It is a complete formula that restores substance and skin density for a smooth effect that lasts.
Skin is plumped, incredibly soft and smooth. Wrinkles appear visibly reduced.
  • Appearance of wrinkles -31%
  • Lifted skin 91%
  • Pleasant texture 95%

Burnside Beauty is currently stocking the full range from PAYOT so talk to our
therapists for more information.


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