Best Spray Tanning North Paramatta/ Northmead

How to get spray tanning

If you do not have access to natural sun to get a tan, spray tanning is the safest alternative. At Burnside Beauty we provide the best option with ‘Solaire 2 Hour’ to get the glorious and stunning tan you need for whatever occasion. With different options to choose from, take your pick and we will do the rest. Spray tanning these days is not only safe but also better than natural sun for a host of different reasons. 

The best Spray tanning solutions

Spray tan solutions provided by Burnside Beauty are not only quality guaranteed but also performed by our specialists who will keep your safety in mind before advising or administering any chemical. The products available and used by our professionals are not only organic but environment friendly as well, that ensure all-around skin care. Most of the spray tan solutions may use chemicals for faster results. However, the kits and equipment used by us are verified.   

Spray tanning at Parramatta

If you are looking for Spray Tanning in Parramatta/ Norrthmead then Burnside Beauty is your answer. We know that given the climate of this region, getting a natural tan is highly unlikely. Plus, no one has the time or patience these days to get under the sun and wait for tanning to take place. Therefore, spray tanning in Parramatta is the best you can get. So get your appointment today and notice the difference in your skin. 

You can find Burnside Beauty at Burnside Shopping Village, Blackwood Place Oatlands NSW 2117. For further details, you can either contact us by a phone call. Or drop us an e-mail regarding your appointment and we will get back to you with a convenient appointment scheduled.

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